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Track List: teeminimix - Space Jump | Download

Recorded on 18th October, 2012.

Duration: 30:58 min

Dedicated to Felix Baumgartner, who travelled to the edge of space in a helium balloon, and jumped off from the Red Bull Stratos capsule attached to it. He broke the speed of sound in his free fall, jumping from a height of 36.5 km. Visit Red Bull Stratos online to know more.

  1. [Intro] Felix Baumgartner's little speech before he made the space jump
  2. Joachim Garraud - The Rock (Original Mix)
  3. Wolfgang Gartner - Space Junk
  4. Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (deadmau5 Remix)
  5. Muzzaik - Fat Patchy (Original Club Mix)
  6. Dubfire - Roadkill (Original Mix)
  7. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix)
  8. Passenger 10 - Mirage (Edxs 5un5hine Remix)
  9. D.Ramirez, Mark Knight, Underworld - Downpipe (Original Club Mix)